English As a Second Language

Language Skills for You – for Life

esl-landing1.jpgThe Georgia Tech Language Institute has delivered high-quality, practical English language training for more than 50 years. It serves a spectrum of learners: students preparing for academic work in the United States; professionals looking for career improvement through better language skills; and people who want to increase their English proficiency for social reasons.

Through full- and part-time programs, in daytime and evening classes, our excellent instructors and support staff aim to make learning a productive and enjoyable experience. Students also have access to numerous extracurricular activities, including a conversation partner program, social gatherings, day trips, and volunteer work.


Georgia Tech Professional Education: At every point on your continuum of learning

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Prepare to attend an American college or university through our Intensive English Program (IEP) >

Focus on specific skills during our three-week Short Courses >

Equip yourself for graduate school success in our Summer Graduate Prep Workshops >

Spend four weeks preparing for business school in our Summer Pre-MBA Program >